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Best Online Casino Game Developers

POST: 31 Mar 2020    BY Daniel Anderson   IN: Blog

Find out which are the most popular Online Casino games

Many of those who have tried their luck at a land-based casino will tell you that they considered the whole experience to be quite an enjoyable one. Although not everyone expects to win, everyone hopes they will. Online casino games are focused on the actual gaming experience, so choosing one with better odds becomes more meaningful. The question is: which casino games have the best odds? You want to win, so knowing which games payout best allows your bankroll to stretch longer and give you more chance of winning.


Benefits of Building a Custom-made CRM with RoR

POST: 02 Mar 2020    BY David Brown   IN: Blog

Every business strives for growth, so at some point, most companies consider building custom-made CRM to scale their success.

Keeping in mind the exceptional advantages of custom-made CRMs over out-of-the-box solutions, as a business owner you should first of all find a team of developers skilled enough to put your business ideas into action and choose the language for completing the challenge. At Rubyroid Labs, we're strongly convinced that Ruby on Rails is the top choice to get your own CRM up and running and here are some reasons why.


Smartphone Usage Is Growing Rapidly Over Last 5 Years

POST: 27 Jan 2020    BY James Smith   IN: Blog

Over the last five years, the number of smartphone users worldwide has increased from 2,5 billion to 3,5 billion, and everything indicates that the trend will continue to grow more and more.

With this reality, undoubtedly, any company that tries to stay up to date in 2020 must have a functional mobile app. And 888Poker had this in mind when they designed their mobile poker app.

Nintendo Switch Games

POST: 27 Dec 2019    BY William Jones   IN: Blog

Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch has never been better. All thanks to a massive game library that continues to grow by the day. With so many Switch games hitting the platform, you're spoiled for choice. Besides, the Nintendo Switch is the quickest selling console ever. Whether you are playing on a Switch or Switch Lite, we've got some of the best games for you. Let’s have a glance at those games bundles!


These 10 Android apps are worthwhile

POST: 06 Dec 2019    BY Robert Wright   IN: Blog

These 10 Android apps are worthwhile

You need App Spiration? We have put together a selection of the best Android apps from all areas for you.

These Android apps are worthwhile

With so many apps on Google Play providing great stuff, like a PA lottery bonus code, it's hard to keep track. It's even harder to filter out the best apps among all apps. That's why we've put together a small selection of the best Android apps .

The Top 5 Games Apps for your phone

POST: 06 Dec 2019    BY Donald White   IN: Blog

The Top 5 Games Apps for your phone

Today, there are countless apps for Android Phones that have a variety of features. There are Android apps for communication, breaking news, scheduling, and entertainment. Apps can help you in everyday life or distract you, if you are bored in between. When dealing with apps, however, there is a lot to consider. Here's how the handling of Android apps basically works:


Apps that Can Help you Control Energy Use

POST: 17 Oct 2019    BY Daniel Harris   IN: Blog

Energy use and sustainability have become one of the most pressing and controversial issues of our time. People have a hard time agreeing about climate change and what to do about it, but something we can all agree on is that we want to pay less for gas, power, and utility bills. You can save money while doing your part to save energy, and there are many ways to do this. Energy bills are increasingly taking up a bigger chunk of business and household budgets. Luckily there are a lot of new applications designed to help you control energy use and save money. Read below to learn about some of these apps.


The 5 best language learning apps

POST: 11 Sep 2019    BY Robert Wright   IN: Blog

Learn new languages whenever and wherever you want. Apps for smartphone and tablet make it possible. Almost one in three Germans learn a foreign language, according to a report by the European Commission. The demand for language learning software is correspondingly high. We present you our Top 5 programs here.


How to Get Your App Ranked in the Google Play Store

POST: 26 Jul 2019    BY Joseph Wilson   IN: Blog

How to Get Your App Ranked in the Google Play Store

Building and developing an app is hard – of course, we are talking about good, innovative apps and now about copies. Reportedly, the process of building an app from scratch can last more than one year!

Therefore, when you’re done building it – and after putting so much work into it -, it would be a shame if you didn’t get it ranked in the Google Play Store. After all, this store is your one and only chance to make your app popular or even viral.


The Importance of Welcome Offers For Bingo Fans

POST: 12 Jul 2019    BY John Johnson   IN: Blog

The Importance of Welcome Offers For Bingo Fans

What are welcome offers?

With the online world of bingo growing more popular than ever, gaming operators are doing all that they can to try to poach any punters off their competition, and one of the ways they do this is through 'welcome offers'. This is usually an incentive through a few means. One of which can be free games upon when you sign up, or maybe you get a free £10 to bet with after you have completed your registration.

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