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Logo Quiz Car game review

Do you think you know your automobile brands?

You may know their names, but can you identify those car brands from their vehicle logos? Time to test yourself, all you need is the Logo Quiz Car app developed by Logos Quiz Games, and is now available for free download from the Android Marketplace.

Zoo Tower game review

Have you ever had a really crazy, out of this world, utter nonsense kind of dream? One of those in which you’re walking down the street and the houses are made of marshmallow, and you’re married to the mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas, who keeps flipping his head around to his worried face when you threaten to eat all the houses in town? No? Just me then?


2012 London Stars game review

2012 London Stars is a fast paced trivia game about the athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics.

The goal of this game is to answer as many questions correctly as you can on each level. There are a total of ten levels in this game, and each level has five rounds. To pass each level and advance to the next level you have to meet a minimum score requirement.

100 Rooms game review

100 Rooms is one of the most popular games in the brain and puzzle category.

This is one of the most addictive and challenging games, which can keep you busy for a long time. The basic concept of the game is to unlock doors and proceed to the next room. For this, you have to find a way to do that.


Mark My Words game review

Mark my words, no no, you are not being lectured, Mark My Words is a fun new android app with quality graphics and wonderful app interface.

After installing and opening the game all you have to do is tap twice to start playing the game, once on the tap here text and once on the play button.

Baseball Superstars 2012 game review

This is a free title that places the player in the position of a team leader who is doing his best to take his team to the championship or a beginner who is making it all possible to become an ace player.

For experienced players who know the series, this 2012 app is more like a modern version than a new game.  Brighter graphics, a new motion control, makes possible an outstanding hitting and pitching experience.


Z-Cross game review

Z-Cross is a challenging and fun vertical shooter for Android devices.

Like many classic shooters over the years, this game puts you in a spaceship and has you shooting it out in the deepest recesses of space. The game’s storyline takes you everywhere from Pluto to Mercury and in between, as you strive to restore peace to the galaxy through your own heroic efforts.

Lexathon™ word jumble game review

There are three main categories of people who will enjoy this app: grannys who are stuck in the house all day, geeks (here’s where I fit in) and random bored people.

If you consider yourself one of these three things, then read on to discover one of the most entertaining word puzzle apps to date.


Cut the Rope game review

As each and every gaming platform grows in popularity, games for it are released that push the boundaries of what can be done on this platform. Cut the Rope is one of those games.

At times so many similar games will come out that a gamer will wonder, have we reached the limit of what this system can do? The App Store has kind of started to enter this territory, with many similarly engineered games appearing on a weekly basis.

EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest game review

You can step into the character of a whimsical bunny hero when you download the EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest on your mobile device.

You can take up a challenge with your friends or family or even alone when you pick the items that you need after each level as quickly and accurate as possible as you see yourself heading to glory in this game of hidden items.


FIFA 2012 game review

EA’s sports games have undoubtedly become the top games for each sport, knocking out pretty much any rival that comes in their way. Yes there are a few that have managed to stay relevant, but for the most part, its EA’s franchises that have taken the top spot.

This could easily be said about the FIFA series of soccer games they have released. These games have been extremely dominant on home video game consoles, but it did take them some time to get the IPhone and IPad version up to par.

Dream Aquarium game review

Dream Aquarium is a virtual aquarium game with a similar play style to other aquarium games available on Android and iTunes. In this game you are a loving Aquarium owner who is trying to create the most exotic aquarium possible.

Gameplay is straightforward. You select fish you want to feed, then double click on the fish to feed it. You must feed your fish every 8 hours to prevent them starving. Forget to do so, and you'll either have to write off the fish and start all over again.


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