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Train Conductor 2 USA game review

Train Conductor 2 sounds simple, with a very basic objective – to get a number of trains from one side of the screen to the other. The game revisits the path drawing genre which had you connecting train tracks to get trains home safely.

The trains start from both the left side of the screen and the right, and you have to lay down the tracks in order for them to reach their destinations safely without any collisions.

Shark Dash game review

Shark Dash consists of everything typical of the traditional romance story. The main character featured within the game is a play shark who is sharing a lovely swim with his sweetheart.

Unbeknown to these two love birds, some terrible rubber ducks are plotting to ruin their romance. They dive into the tub and capture the hero whilst the other ducks kidnap his girlfriend leaving him absolutely devastated.


Super Bit Dash game review

Super Bit Dash in a nifty 8-bit game in which you have to swipe and dash around retro-styled stages, but in a very new way. The aim of the game is simple – you have to get across an auto-scrolling course littered with pits and spikes to name but two dangers.

Each level of Super Bit Dash are just as unique as the game play, as tiny rooms and spaces are rapidly and randomly assembled and pieced together which keeps the game moving and new.

Youda Survivor game review

In this game, you’ll play Youda, who has been washed up on the coast of a remote island. To stay alive, you’ll have to convince the natives of the island that you are their best hope against some crafty pirates.

To do this, you’ll have to find mystical objects with magic powers, learn various rituals to manipulate the weather, and use machines all in the pursuit of your quest.


Super KO Boxing 2 game review

Glu Mobile’s Super KO Boxing 2 for the iPhone is one of the most polished and eminently playable boxing games out there. It has some brilliant cartoon-style graphics that grab you straight away and draw you into the action.

The game has three modes of play, Circuit, Versus and Challenge. During Circuit, you’ll meet the most fearsome opponents as you slug your way to the world title.

Tank Riders game review

Polarbit Games’ Tank Riders is a good old fashioned top-down tank shoot ‘em up with a dash of strategy to keep it interesting.You won’t be zipping around in a souped-up sports car, though.

As you may have gathered from the title, you’re in a tank, trundling around blowing up other tanks. Simple, eh? Your tank may lumber, but you can move around the maps in each level by using special teleporters.


Samurai II Vengeance game review

Way of the Warrior has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad! While the original got rave reviews for its stylized manga graphics and quick, bloody gameplay, Samurai II delivers even more action and an intuitive new control scheme.

Unlike the first Samurai title, this game implements the touch and swipe controls are actually substituted with a way more common virtual joystick and action button system and gamers can mix quick and tough strikes to repeat the ferocious combos.

The King of Fighters game review

The King of Fighters-i is very similar to Street Fighter, especially the virtual control pad that you can place on your screen according to your tastes and needs. However, The King of Fighters-i actually beats Street Fighter hands down.

The controls in TKoF-i are superior and feel much more responsive. You have a punch and a kick button, an evading button and an all-purpose “special moves” button.


Megacity HD game review

MegaCity is a unique city building puzzle game.

It's challenging but fun, easy to learn and hard to master. It uses a simple system where each building you place influences the tiles around it. The ultimate goal is to collect points by placing housing on the positively influenced tiles to keep your residents happy.

Friendly Frog - The Game game review

Hop, snatch and crunch down rain forest insects with Freddie the friendly frog.

Friendly Frog, is an arcade game in which you use your finger to direct Freddie the frog’s actions so as to protect his lily pads and consume the rain forest bugs to gain points.


Jungle Jumper Free game review

What is this?

Yet another Doodle Jump, Ninjump or Temple Run clone? Jungle Jumper definitely has similarities to all these game and borrows a bit here and there. So does it manage to rise above cheap knockoff status and contribute anything to the popular genre of endless running games? Read on to find out.

Magicopoly game review

Magicopoly is a board game in which you have to roll the dice of destiny and dash around the world of Magicopolis to summon powerful elements.

The aims of the game are simple—control the most powerful elements that will suck the magic out of your enemies. Inspired by other opoly games, Magicopoly brings a new twist to the genre with spell casting.


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