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Tarabanya - Talking Pet

17 Jan 2014

Tarabanya - Talking Pet game review

Tarabanya - is a fun casual game with a lively talking pet that will delight you at all times.

The main character in the game - rabbit Tarabanya. He is as a person can be happy and cheerful when to communicate and play with him. Orhecanbecomesadandveryupsetifforgottenabouthimorhurthim.

The mood of a pet depends on the player's actions, when you communicate with him, feed him or play with - the mood of rabbit increases. When you forget about him or hurt him - the mood is reduced.

Tarabanya - Talking Pet::By Snowpard Tarabanya - Talking Pet::By Snowpard Tarabanya - Talking Pet::By Snowpard Tarabanya - Talking Pet::By Snowpard Tarabanya - Talking Pet::By Snowpard Tarabanya - Talking Pet::By Snowpard

Tarabanya - Talking Pet screenshots

Depending on the condition of a rabbit appear different moods: very sad, sad, normal, funny, very funny. The current mood of the rabbit displayed as smiley face in the upper left corner of the screen. By pressing on the smiley to open a window shows the basic needs of the rabbit: food, entertainment and communication.

The same mood is accompanied by various behavior of a pet: either he's jumping and has fun, or he is very sad and demands that fed him. The game provides daily achievements when picked which the pet the mood improves.

Every day, achievements reset and the player can get them again and enhance the mood your pet by doing easy tasks. For example: clean up in the barn, or play in the snow or just chat a few minutes with a rabbit.

Tarabanya - an interactive game. You can scratch tummy of pet, touch his paws, ears or eyes, hit him on the head or talk to him. As well possible to feed the rabbit a carrot or a pear, jump on the trampoline with him, admire a butterfly, sweep the barn, play with him in the snow, smell a flower, or play in music game.

Music game - this is an additional mini-game in which the player will have time to click on the buttons in a certain sequence and score points under rhythmical cheerful music. The player to know what and when buttons to push, on the screen from top to bottom swimming symbols corresponding to the four game buttons.

If the user has received the maximum score possible, he passes to the next level, in which number of symbols and their falling speed is increased. The game provides some fun scenes (the background image), where you can move the pet.

To change the scene, press the button the gallery in the top right corner of the screen. Do you want to sweep the barn, or play in the snow? Please! Or maybe you want to go with a rabbit for a walk in the woods the night?

Not a problem! In addition, each scene is accompanied by additional actions for a pet. During the whole game the player will be accompanied by a pleasant surprise: a spider running around in a barn, light snow falling outside, beautiful butterflies fluttering in the grove or stray fireflies in the night forest.

The game provides settings that allow you to change the noise level or the rate of repetition of speech player. To do this, press the menu button or the blue bar at the bottom of the screen and select "Settings".

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