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Shackle-the cursed city

01 May 2013

Shackle-the cursed city game review

Welcome to the world of Shackle, a thrilling horror survival rpg that everyone can fall in love with.

Shackle follows Duffy, a young girl who worked for a sub-company called “Dynastic”. The city was created by this company which made a curse, ultimately isolating it from the rest of the human race and turning a huge population who didn't get out into monsters.

Duffy was no exception as she has been set up by Dynastic with the potential of turning into a very powerful demon, even one Dynastic couldn't control.

Shackle-the cursed city::By Abaloneater Shackle-the cursed city::By Abaloneater Shackle-the cursed city::By Abaloneater Shackle-the cursed city::By Abaloneater Shackle-the cursed city::By Abaloneater

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What they don't know is she is driven by her underlying will to fight off the evil which ensues the city. Throughout the storyline you will struggle to survive on the streets, facing demons and people who populate the ruins that at one time was a beautiful sprawling metropolis.

Everyone is threatened and out to get Duffy but she would rather stay to try and save the survivors, and the city overcome by the evil curse. Each decision in this game will affect how the story line progresses.

Which direction you take, the answers you choose, and the people you encounter can affect what happens in the story line. Offering an amazing experience to any player venturing into the unknown. Shackle has many unique traits that make it a fun, interesting, and challenging rpg.

One of the best concepts that make this game challenging and fun is the difficulty levels during the night versus the day. At night stronger demons will rise and they are much harder to defeat. It's not always worth fighting them, sometimes you have to play strategically and rest in a safe house until the sun comes out to ensure survival.

You can also choose to help survivors, though you decrease your survival levels while doing so, rewards will be given if you so choose to take the chance and save a life. As a survival game we have developed a food and water system.

When you battle your way through the streets you will notice that Duffy's food and water bar will diminish. It's important to keep your hunger satisfied as you will experience high energy to fight your foes when needed, less food equals less strength.

Water is the most important element, if the bar depletes your character will die. The good news is that there are many shelters and areas where you can find food and drinks. Once you take food and water from the area it will take one game playing day for those resources to re-stock.

Because Shackle is a rpg you can customize your characters strengths and abilities. As you level up you will obtain talent and skill points. These can be used in a skill tree to boost stats and abilities.

Story mode isn't the only way to earn stat points. Shackle has a rush mode and a survival mode which also allows you to collect points and strengthen your character. You can carry over these points into the story mode to face stronger challenges throughout your campaign.

The controls are very user friendly and can best be related to classic style arcade controls. The movements are smooth and allows for easy and fun combat. There are a variety of weapons you can use to aid in your fight, sword, knives, guns, and even your own fists.

The more you use a weapon the weaker it gets, eventually breaking. Luckily there are weapons hiding all over this evil city and you can choose whichever one works best for you in the situations that you face.

With a city such as Shackle it is important that we could set a tone. I am happy to say that we can give players that evil essence that coincides within. There are areas of the city that are visibly pleasing to the eye where other areas are hauntingly dark and make you lurk around every corner, afraid of what's to come.

This is a unique rpg that has a mix of classic platform, action, and slasher combined into one epic game. There are times that you can run up to something and slash it to pieces and times where you have to be strategic in order to survive and make it further.

There are more alternate endings in development and we are continuously improving an already great game. Our current players love it. Shackle truly is a game that holds its own within the app market. We are currently released on the Android Play store and newly released on the Apple market as well.

So all of you Shackle virgins, looks us up in the Play store or ITunes today and take your chance on the dark twisted city known as Shackle, can you survive?

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