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Prank Pack

15 Jan 2014

Prank Pack game review

Prank Pack is an app that features almost a dozen of prank apps in just one so instead of installing several prank apps you only have to install one.

This package features different pranks suited for different situations so everyone will find something cool at any time.

It features some pranks that have already been popular like Farts, Laugh Track or Hair Clipper but those have now been redesigned for simpler use and with a nicer user interface.

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Prank Pack screenshots

There are also some original pranks never seen before that will totally surprise everyone. Some of the new pranks feature a mini game which makes the victim less aware of what is coming next so when the prank goes off they end up with a funny, scared or shocked look on their face.

As an example one of the pranks lets the victim play the mini-game and when he or she almost finishes it the phone shows a fake dialling screen with an emergency number, at this point the victim is trying to cancel the call but it's not possible and he or she will freak out!

The mini-game is a lovely looking game where you need to launch a rocket high into the sky by tapping the screen, pranks are triggered when the rocket reaches around 920 meters. Every prank has it's own how-to screen where you can find instructions or an example scenario how to use the prank properly and with maximum effect.

The user interface is very pretty, the pranks selection screen shows a grid that looks like app selection, and the icons look nice. Some of the pranks have even their own unique design like the Geiger Counter or Finger Scanner.

This app is totally beautiful compared to all those ugly prank apps out there. Many of the pranks are sound based and feature good quality sounds. The application is very stable; it was tested on many devices and never crashed.

It loads quite fast for the amount of assets it uses. Part of the content is free for everyone while the rest is accessible by unlocking it. Users are provided with two ways to unlock the premium content, one is simply buying access for $0. 99 while the other is free but requires users to do some actions from Tapjoy offer wall.

Those actions may be for example to download and run a game - very simple. Actions reward you with virtual currency which is needed to unlock the content. One of the advantages of this app is that it does not use any form of advertisement so you can be sure there will be no banners, popups etc.

There is no annoying popup that asks you to rate the app, instead developer gave a button for quick access to rating the app, it's visible and you always know where it is so you can rate the app whenever you want.

If you are a true prankster then this app is a must have for you, especially for April Fools day. Lots of fun guaranteed!

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