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Mow-Town Riding

02 Mar 2014

Mow-Town Riding game review

It had been a very long time since I downloaded a new game for myself. The reason for that was the lack of something new in the gaming section of my Android phone’s app store.

I guess almost all of us are tired of those running and harvesting games. It has been so long since we got a new kind of game; a game that would be based on a new concept. Don’t you think so?

Mow-Town Riding LITE is my new favorite game these days. Suggested to me by a friend, I have really loved the game. I didn’t want a game like the previous I had played. A game based on a new concept that’s what I wanted and this game is seriously a good one.

Mow-Town Riding::By Sunlight Games Mow-Town Riding::By Sunlight Games Mow-Town Riding::By Sunlight Games Mow-Town Riding::By Sunlight Games Mow-Town Riding::By Sunlight Games

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As predictable from the name itself, the game lets you mow down gardens, parks and palaces. You are set in a land where you are given targets to mow. You get points for completing each target.

Do you think that is easy and boring? Well, that was my first expression of the game when I saw my friend playing it. But as soon as I downloaded the game on my phone after being insisted by my friend, I seriously got addicted to the game. The game is not only about going on a destruction spree. It requires a lot of planning and efforts to accomplish the targets given in the game.

The main target of the game is to mow down the largest area in the allotted time. And just to warn you, if you accidentally mow down flowers or footpath, your hard earned points would be deducted. It feels really bad when you see your points becoming less just because you mowed down a small footpath. Isn’t it?

The LITE version of the game that I have been playing contains four very interesting and challenging levels. The animated cartoon characters in the game make it much more fun to do the job. The best thing which I found in the game is tutorial. I have never seen such a detailed and a fun filled tutorial as I did in this game. You would be guided to each and every aspect of the game in a way that won’t make you get bored. It is a huge plus point for this game. I wouldn’t have played this game for a long time if the tutorial hasn’t been the way it is.

The game is completely optimized for android operating system and would run on any Android based device. There are five choices of language available like German, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

I had never expected this game to be this much better. The complete version of the game has many more levels and features than Mow-Town Riding LITE. This version is a bit short but anyone would enjoy playing it and I bet that the game would leave longing for the bigger version. If you want a new game for your phone, try this one out. You won’t regret your decision for sure.

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