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DU Battery Saver And Widgets game review

There are many applications out there that promise to save your phone´s battery to make it last longer. However, none of them will give you the versatility and power of DU Battery Saver & Widgets.

This is not any battery saving app, it is THE battery saving application that will increase the functionality of your phone like no other to ensure that your battery lasts longer, much longer.

DU Speed Booster Cleaner game review

One of the major challenges of cell phones is to keep up with the average user that requires a fast and reliable phone to perform from the most basic to the most complex tasks.

One of the greatest problems is that most of the time a cell phone´s RAM (Read-Only memory) is packed with applications running on the backstage. In order for a phone to run smoothly, its RAM must be at least at 70%.


02 Apr 2014

WritePad game review

Even with tons of applications for iPhones, I always found one thing missing - an application that would allow me to create text documents in an easy way and share it on the go.

There had been many times when I had been out of my house and workplace and got a text asking for an urgent piece of information that I needed to write.


16 Apr 2014

PhatPad game review

PhatWare today announces the launch of PhatPad 2. 6 for the iPad.

A flexible note-taking and free form writing utility, PhatPad leverages advanced handwriting recognition technology together with Microsoft SkyDrive integration and other practical sharing features to offer users a single creative hub through which to develop and nurture ideas and write about anything else they need to.

LinkAlarm - Alarm Clock game review

LinkAlarm is an all-purpose, versatile alarm clock that will effectively remind you of everything you need to accomplish in your to-do list.

Basically, the app functions as a multifaceted alarm that enables you to set specific alarms based on various settings. What’s more, it also provides links to YouTube videos that you can use as your alarm tones.

Secret App - Private Albums Manager game review

Due to the nature of the iPhone and the iPad, these devices are easy to pass around and be used by multiple people.

This, in part, is one of the reasons why these devices have become so loved within our society. The ease-of-use and the sharing capabilities make these devices capable and necessary. There are times, however, when you do not want to have your content to be looked viewed.

SendItz - Send, Share, Store Files game review

I rarely begin a review of an app from the iTunes Store with an obvious recommendation, without first giving you all of the facts.

Well this time, I have to do things just a little bit differently, and tell you straight up, get the app from the iTunes Store called SendItz. It is proudly one of the most useful applications that I have seen in the last few years.

SendItz - Send, Share, Store Files game review

Singapore based SendItz announces the launch and recent update of SendItz for iOS and Android.

SendItz gives users the power to send, share, and store photos, videos, and music across all of their mobile devices and computers freely via a practical intuitively designed interface.

Battery Watch game review

Picture this: You’re in a bus, stuck in miles of traffic, the weather is scorching hot and you’ve just downloaded that game you’ve been dying to play for ages. What a relief! At least you’ll have something fun to do while stuck in this bus full of sweaty people!

O.K., so you go ahead and start playing your game and it’s everything you’d hoped for and so much more! You’re really happy now, completely focused on your winning strategy to kill the zombies/green pigs/mutants etc.

Clean Calendar Widget Pro game review

We all know that, the way our world is right now requires us to work longer and harder than ever before. Add to that the fact that many of us work two or three jobs, have children, homes to take care of, family commitments… you name it.

If your schedule is packed to the last available space or you want to organise your days more efficiently, then Clean Calendar Widget is just what you’re looking for.

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